Brenda doing her thing this afternoon…

So there I was having a crafty fag (even though we’ve been banned from smoking dans la maison) this afternoon and in walks Brenda, tutting again. Nothing was said and I said through clenched teeth just to be polite “Oh hello luvvie do you want a hand with that?” as brightly as I could muster,’cos I could see she was about to start on this evening’s endeavour. It always worries me as I have to eat it too so, bless her, unless I’ve actually had a hand in the preparation I have to pretend to like it – plus I have to wash up by myself, which I loathe….

I enjoined proceedings at the point where she was murdering a couple of lemons and, after much tedious chopping and polite conversation, we assembled this cumin lamb thing and in to the oven  it went – anyway the less said about it the better as five hours later with the anticipation properly ramped up, having got a plate of it each, we stared blankly at one another and declared it fit only for making shepherds pie. . . .  Guess who will end up doing that?  Hmm, can’t really blame the old dear for that one, maybe it’s just because I really only prefer a nice little tender fresh pink chop, rather than a big sweaty, hoary old leg….   many of you, I suspect, will be with me on this one…..


Have a lovely weekend……

Imagine how you’d feel!

annoyed lemon

So there I was squashing down these half cut lemons on to the squeezer when it occurred to me that actually if I was squashed on a squeezer and had my innards pulverized for somebody else’s delicious recipe I think I’d be really rather irritated. Sorry but I do. From the other side of the kitchen where she was reading the paper between fags, Fanny showed no sympathy for the lemon whatsoever. I, having been the murderer in this case, have to say that for a fleeting moment , felt immediate remorse. However it was all for the good and as always, I’m right about that. BG