Even people of my prodigious talent sometimes go wrong

Yes quite my dears I know it’s hard to believe. I was handed a recipe by Fanny who suggested that we might like to try it. It involved a leg of lamb, and as I have subsequently learnt, you either roast it fast and hot and have some delicious pink meat if you want it that way, or you cook it long and risk dry grey meat as the end result. Despite following the recipe to its fullest, Fanny and I ate part of a very dreary leg the other day and it was desperately miserable. Staring at Fanny as she chews is not a fabulous experience at the best of times  I can tell you.

An experience like this is the learning curve for any budding cook, but remember disappointment should make one strive to kick out and achieve more! Kicked out I did and in the process I  caught Fanny on the shin which did not please her one iota. I wish I had referenced Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s book on Meat beforehand because I certainly turned to it in the aftermath! In this sizeable tome he rightly states just how dry a leg of lamb can be in a long bake. This man knows what he is talking about! Thus, having agreed with his findings,  I decree that this an excellent book and suggest you get a copy if you’re serious about cooking meat well.

cook well knowing your meat

meat – learn about it and cook well