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In late 2013, Brenda returned from Australia after a particularly bitter divorce from a man who spends too much time at the gym admiring himself in the mirrors. Yes ladies, Fabio Gateway is a workshy man to be avoided. He struts around Bondi beach in his speedo budgie smugglers like an inadequately packaged walnut without a care in the world, believing he is the divine answer for young needy women, although given his choice of illegal steroids this is clearly not true. Is that the voice of rejection, bitterness and zero alimony? Probably.

Fanny, an old friend from the past took her in, immediately regretting it and wondering how she was going to occupy Mrs Gateway’s insatiable need for attention.

Chance provided the solution, when Brenda in one of her delusional moments decided that she could present a tv programme about cooking and fine dining. She is a reasonable cook and can fry an egg but her lack of experience qualified her for absolutely nothing at all. This was not going to stop her.

Fanny caught her talking to the french windows and spotted the opportunity to create a reputation as the most fabulous cooks since Mrs Beeton. Well it’s better than sitting in a nursing home dribbling isn’t it?

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We don't do "slumming it", which is awfully bad English but there we go. Exquisite food for people who appreciate the better things in life.