Apple and Blackberry Mousse

blackberry and apple mousse by fanny and brenda

So there I was lying back in my gorgeous double bed, on this golden Autumn day when I heard some vile youth walk by talking loudly into his mobile phone and calling some unfortunate girl “you bloody mousse”. Rather disrespectful I think you’ll agree. As his nauseous estuarine gobbledygook faded into the distance I thought about that word mousse. I hadn’t made one in ages.

I sat up bolt upright in my lacy nightie (I know! How Kate Middleton am I? OBE please and make it snappy!) as I had decided that enough was enough. I knew that I had a kilo of blackberries bursting with sweetness picked in rural Herefordshire sitting in the freezer so I got up, and decided to create my mousse.

blackberry and apple mousse- it's simply delicious

Here the recipe is demonstrated with my usual sense of style!



0.5kg blackberries
0.5kg apples
2 tbspns of caster sugar

3 large eggs
3 tbspns caster sugar
150ml double cream
juice of a lemon
14g gelatine

I use wild blackberries rather than the shop bought affairs, which while shinier and juicier in look, have an inferior flavour to the wild ones every single time. You just cannot get better flavoured blackberries than those you pick from the wild and I am absolutely right about that. Fortunately very few people seem to agree with me so I have plenty of choice as I forage.

In the fruit bowl were four Braeburn apples so I chopped them up and diced them.

In the pan I placed the apples and stewed them . I then placed the blackberries and two heaped tablespoons of caster sugar and turned on the hob and stewed at a low heat for about ten minutes. They don’t take long to break down.

Once stewed, and the fruit is soft, turn off the hob and leave the fruit to cool. Once it has cooled get a sieve and strain the pulp through ensuring that the pips do not go through. You should be left with 2 smooth purees – one apple, the other blackberry.

Now take 3 eggs and beat them together with 3 tablespoons of caster sugar and do so until the mixture is thick. When the whisk stops whirring lift it up and a long dribble of the egg sugar mixture should hang from the whisk itself.

Now take the cream and whip it till it has the same consistency as the egg mixture.

Take the juice of a lemon, and four table spoons of water. Add 14g of gelatine and then melt it over a low flame till the liquid is smooth. Add it to the egg mix.

Now divide the egg mix into two bowls.

Pour the apple into the egg mix, along with half the cream and combine it altogether quickly. Then take the other bowl and add half of the blackberry puree and again combine it. You should have a lovely delicate pinky purple mixture.

Take your sundae dishes and pour in the apple mix and then the blackberry mix on top. You will notice that there is some fruit integration but not much giving lovely soft edges to the sides.

Leave the mousses to cool and set for a couple of hours.

At this point I added a shot of creme de mur to the remaining blackberry puree for added extra specialness.

Once the mousses set, take the rest of the blackberry puree and pour it over the mousses and spread evenly across the top.

Whip up some cream and serve.

blackberry and apple mousse- it's simply delicious

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