Boom Boom’s After Eight Cocktail: Chocolate and Mint on the Rocks

Bebe von Boom Boom's After Eight Cocktail

Fanny asked me to go and look after Bebe Von Boom Boom, an old friend of hers in Herefordshire, while she checked out the gutters. From what I have since heard, this wasn’t about sorting out our failing drainage system, but more a thoroughly unprincipled move to enjoy some local Brazilian men whilst I am otherwise engaged! There will be trouble if I get back and find out she really has been enjoying herself I can tell you. For me, it has been a hell of a week living with this frightful loud woman and her extremely dubious moustache. Still; we did pilfer some gorgeous Victoria Plums from someone’s back garden so it wasn’t all bad. Anyway today I asked her to make me a cocktail and here it is; the wonderful chocolate mint “Boom Boom After Eight on the Rocks”. Actually…. we only added one ice cube! It’s a lovely summery drink to enjoy in the evening particularly at this time of year!

You will need:

Creme de Cacao Blanc
Creme de Menthe
Ice cubes.

Place ice cube in tall tapering glass
Firstly pour in a measure of the Creme de Menthe. It is denser than the cacao and sits in the bottom of the glass very nicely.
Secondly pour carefully and slowly (over a spoon which is just placed at the surface of the Creme de Menthe) the Cacao in equal measure. You want the cacao to sit clearly above the creme de Menthe for the two tone effect.

Serve and Enjoy!

Check out Bebe’s delicious Pork Stroganoff here.

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One thought on “Boom Boom’s After Eight Cocktail: Chocolate and Mint on the Rocks”

  1. I seem to remember we had a splendidly civilised time on the terrace sipping these after eight cocktails. I don’t recall any particularly loud or horrendous moments, aside from the rather odd noises coming from Brenda’s stomach after a packet and a half of eccles cakes and half a kilo of pilfered plums. Aside from that, it was blissful.

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