Candied lemon peel

candy lemon citrus peel recipe 

A short while ago I produced a citrus candy peel recipe for oranges. This recipe takes lemon citrus peel which cooks slightly differently due to the nature of its skin.

This recipe refines it a bit and delivers a soft lemony citrus peel.


Slice as finely as possible a lemon

Place in a pan of cold water and place on hob. One it starts to boil, reduce the flame and let it simmer for twenty minutes.

Empty out pan, drain the slices, and start again.

Place cold water and lemon slices in the pan and heat up. Boil for twenty minutes.

Repeat so that you do this four times.

Now place your slices in a pan, with a cup of of caster sugar and about 250ml of water

Heat up and let simmer for twenty minutes.

Take off flame and place lemon slices on drying rack for about 24 hours.

Then place in a sterilised jar to keep.

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