Christmas Cake -Part 1- Preparing the fruit

Now that autumn (fall) is well underway it’s time to think about the Christmas cake as it is best made a few weeks before the big event to allow the fruit within to mature, allowing that wonderful fruity plum flavour to develop.

xmas cake cooked properly with fanny and brenda

Christmas cake is easily ruined and there are plenty of examples of awful make do commercial ones out there. Equally, there are some good ones so why bother? Well Brenda and I like to create something big to share and we like it with a substantial brandy input. We present a four part video, two of which will come out over the next few days and then we concentrate on the marzipan and icing at maturation, about a week or two before Christmas. It’s actually reasonably quick to make once you have portioned out all the ingredients. For this part of the recipe here they are:

Ingredients for the fruit mix in Fanny and Brenda’s Joyous Christmas cake

450g currants
175g sultanas
175g raisins
50g glacé morello cherries
100g mixed peel
25g cranberries
1 tbspn glacé ginger
40g dried apricots
50g chopped dates
2 chopped figs
50g chopped prunes
50cl 40% brandy


Portion out all your fruit as above
Place in bowl and stir into each other
Add the brandy
Cover with some cling film and leave to macerate for a couple of days.

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