Christmas Cake -Part 3 – The marzipan layer

fanny and brendas christmas cake marzipan layer

So you’ve got your cake, and for several weeks you have been injecting it with plenty of alcohol I hope. There’s no point in a dry fruit cake. Of course the alcohol, be it a brandy or a rum or indeed both, acts as a preservative as well as influencing the end flavour and moisture of the fruit inside.


225g icing sugar
225g caster sugar
2 egg yolks
2 eggs (whole)
Juice of a lemon
Splosh of brandy
Splosh of almond extract
500g of ground almonds


Sieve the sugars into a mixing bowl and add the ehss

Beat them together

Place over a low heat and whisk until fluffy

Cool in a bowl of ice cold water for a minute

Add the brandy, lemon and almond extract

Stir in the ground almonds till stiff

At this point I would leave it for an hour or so. In the filming we continued but giving the almond paste an hour or two in the fridge helps to firm it up.

Roll out like pastry

Brush some egg white to the top of the cake

Place the marzipan over the cake and pat down. Add to sides and fill in where necessary.

Leave for a while and then you are ready for the icing.

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