Fanny chanced upon this recipe by Simon Hopkinson, and it’s fabulous so we have to tell you about it. It is a remarkably simple formula, quickly prepared – and eaten the next day. It is light with marvellous flavour.

500g fresh ricotta
100g fresh grated parmesan plus extra
About a third of a nutmeg, grated
500g semolina
100g unsalted butter
About 20 fresh sage leaves

gnudi recipe by simon hopkinson

Measure the semolina and place half of it in a baking tray
Place the ricotta, parmesan and nutmeg into a mixing bowl and combine until the mixture is smooth.

gnudi recipe by simon hopkinson
Now wet your hands and place them flat in the baking tray so that they get a covering of semolina

Spoon a small amount of the ricotta mix from the bowl into your palm and roll into a ball and then place it into the semolina. Push the ball around to cover the it completely.

gnudi recipe by simon hopkinson
Continue this process until the mixture is used up and you have a tray of ricotta balls.

Now cover the balls with the remainder of the semolina.

Chill them overnight.
gnudi recipe by simon hopkinson
The following day extract the gnudi from their tray. You will notice that they are firm to touch.

Boil some water in a large pot, and place the butter in a saucepan to melt on a low heat.

Once the water is boiling turn it down to a low heat to give a simmer and slide in the gnudi.

In about 5 minutes you will see the gnudi float to the surface and this means they are ready. Lift them out and drain them of water.

Meanwhile turn up the heat on the melted butter and when it’s beginning to bubble add the sage leaves, cooking them till crisp. The butter will turn a golden colour but don’t let it brown over too much. The leaves will crisp and at this point you need to serve up.

For those that want it, include fresh parmesan on the table.

gnudi recipe by simon hopkinson

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