In Memory

It isn’t my style to bring my family into this, but as my parents revolved around good food it would seem a bit strange if I didn’t. Two years ago my father stewed some Egremont Russet Apples and stored them in kilner jars in his kitchen cupboard. Sadly he was never to eat any- he died before he could do so.

In all the strangeness of the clearing, furniture was put in storage, books in boxes, crockery in cases, all to be rearranged somewhere else.

Yet if there was a more personal legacy I’d like to see it. I took it, along with an annoyed cat and my mother’s cookbooks one cold night late last year.

I decided to finally open the last jar this week. Here I was eating food produced by Dad two years ago which was sweetly delicious and slightly caramelized after its two year storage. It reminded me that he had a slightly sweeter tooth than me, which made me smile. Memories flooded back; the meals we used to eat together, the confidences we had, the laughter we shared. God I miss him.

My mother had a neat way of making this rather special. She toasted some breadcrumbs laced with a bit of cinnamon.

fanny and brendas stewed apple, with toasted cinnamon breadcrumbs

A couple of spoonfuls of fruit would suffice, with a blob of plain yoghurt, topped by the cinnamon breadcrumbs. Simple but very effective and quite delicious. I hope you enjoy it.

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