Rose Syrup

rose syrup recipe from fanny and brenda

In conjunction with making the rose petals I decided to make some rose syrup. This is to use in other recipes or as an addition to something like vanilla ice cream if you feel particularly indulgent. I won’t mention Fanny’s waistline but evidently she has no problem allowing herself life’s little luxuries not that I am saying anything.

I snipped at some more of Fanny’s precious fragrant roses and filled a 250ml cup (I believe by definition this is ’1 cup’ if you are American) and placed them in a pan with three cups (750ml if you are British) of water and left them to steep for 48 hours. You can reduce the water amount if you want a stronger syrup. I also added a splash or rosewater – about a 100ml.

fragrant rose syrup from brenda gateway

The colour of the syrup will depend on the petal colour, how many you use and the ratio of water to petals in the first place. My results delivered an almost orange colour syrup despite the flowers ranging from white through to deep magenta.

I added 750ml caster sugar – again it’s a case of try and test for your own taste. Heat on a gentle simmer.

When the sugar has dissolved, let the water boil and cook till it has thickened and the way to know it’s done is to use the one thread consistency. Place a drop (when it has cooled slightly) and press it between the thumb and forefinger. When you retract your fingers and have a thread consistency the thickness of spiders web you are there!

fragrant rose syrup from brenda gateway

You can store it for a while in the fridge ready to be used…


1 cup fragrant rose petals which should be pesticide free
3 cups water
1/2 cup Rose Water
3 cups sugar

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