Sugared Rose Petals

fanny and brendas sugared rose petals

This week I have been able to have some quiet time in the house without Fanny thumping around the place swilling back the alcohol and threatening another house full of undesirables from the wrong side of the tracks. Sorry but it had to be said. Anyway this week she went off to stay with Mrs Clam (see previous postings about the ghastliest landlady in Brighton ) and I had peace and quiet.
I stared out of the french windows and chanced on the abundant roses which are flowering prolifically at the moment.

And that set me thinking. A lot of the shop bought rose flavoured items are just too strong and perfumed for my pleasure. It’s strange because although it must be one of my favourite fragrances, it doesn’t always translate in the mouth. It would seem that the mouth is full of receptors and much more finely attuned to taste and flavour than our nostrils are for fragrance.

So I set about making some sugared rose petals. I snatched some of the more perfumed heads off Fanny’s most precious roses and carefully pulled them apart. Not all roses have the same texture flower head – for instance one of the roses rejected the coating of syrup that I used on the others before the sugar dipping. I wasn’t having any of that so I beat an egg and covered those said same rose petals in egg wash. Funnily enough they were more obedient this time. The roses were then dipped in caster sugar on both sides and then left to dry on some greaseproof paper overnight.

So: just to sum up the process:

Gather your fragrant pesticide free roses and pull the heads apart.
Get a brush and coat them in a simple syrup or egg wash.
Dip them both sides in sugar (I used caster – some people prefer granulated)
Lay flat on greaseproof paper
Leave flat to dry overnight or 24 hours if still sticky
Place in airtight jar and use quickly (within a week)- they won’t last long.

Enjoy the perfumed aroma which is subtle and very beautiful.

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