Summer nights -ideal to barbecue

fresh barbecued sardines

Fanny was shopping on her own (yes I know normally I have to watch over her) and came back with some fresh sardines. It didn’t take her long to have them gutted and filleted, and marinading ready for the evening’s barbecue.
“We could do with a light meal” she said looking at me rather accusingly.

fresh barbecued sardines

Ingredients to serve two:

6 fresh sardines

bunch of spring onions
olive oil
lemon juice
black pepper
red or green chili

Marinade for two hours:

At least two hours ahead of when you want to cook, head and gut the sardines. Place in a dish with olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper and thin rounds of either red or green chilli – as many or few as you like, depending on your tolerance/enjoyment of heat! Return to the fridge till you’re ready for them

Take the sardines from their oily bath and at least drain well, if not wipe a little to ensure no excess marinade clings as this will only drip in an incendiary way onto the charcoal. While this is not a disaster – the flames really adding that “done at the beach taste” – it may be less stressful not to have to retrieve your fishies for turning (which will probably be only 1 1/2 -2 mins later) from 2 feet of flame! Another 1 1/2 – 2 mins later and your sardines are grilled to perfection – enjoy with copious fresh lemon juice and some sea salt – the marinade will have given them a really great Portuguese taste.

fresh barbecued sardines

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