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Preview of our visit to Mrs Clam, Brighton’s ghastliest landlady

fanny klunge arrives at mrs clams in brighton slightly intoxicated ready to start filming fanny and brenda

Here we have the preview to our visit to Mrs Clam, the ghastliest landlady in Brighton. I had to drive to Brighton, while Fanny sat in the back being chauffeured. Trouble is she can’t stand my driving (she’s an appalling passenger), so to overcome the problem Fanny hit the bottle. This caused me concern so obviously I drove at higher speeds than would be desirable at any other time, and the faster I drove the more Fanny drank! This was a disastrous start to filming, but after we arrived (and luckily for all of us) I remained unmoved and just yelled viciously at Fanny to sober up. Fanny, lying on the floor while being eyeballed by me sinisterly was understandably, able to sober up remarkably quickly…