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Damson Fool

fanny and brendas gorgeous damson fool

This is a wonderful light English summer pudding originally dating back to the 16th century- and possibly earlier! For the recipe we use damsons to provide a fantastic strong flavour. This year we have had an abundance of plums and damsons and it is logical to use them in this splendid manner. Traditionally gooseberries are used as an early summer choice but they have long since finished, though we did put some in the freezer for an outing later in the year! The origin of the term ‘fool’ is unclear though it is thought by some to come from the french verb ‘fouler’ (to press or crush as in grapes for wine), although others like the Oxford English Dictionary dismiss this idea. Anyway, whatever its origins it is quite delicious as a pud or tea time treat !


(serves 2)

200ml double cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 dsp icing sugar
1 tsp greek yoghurt
Damson purée

For the damson purée

1) Take a bowl of stewed damsons with the stones removed (-keep some to add to the fool itself)

2) Sieve them into another bowl

3) Add icing sugar to sweeten to taste

fanny and brendas gorgeous damson fool

Method to make the Damson Fool

1) Place cream in bowl with vanilla and icing sugar and whip till thick

2) Add greek yoghurt and stir in

3) Pour in some of the purée and some of the stewed damsons and stir in lightly. I like the ‘not totally stirred in’ look with its streaks of colour.

4) Spoon into glasses interspersing with the puree to add to the two tone effect

5) Eat

fanny and brendas gorgeous damson fool

Ham with cream wine and mushrooms

Ham with cream and wine

jambon a la creme - a delicious ham recipe

6 Slices of cooked ham
Punnet of mushrooms
1 clove of garlic
Handful of parsley.
25g x 2 butter
A splash of olive oil
2 medium onions diced
A spoonful of plain flour
500ml ham stock
2 tbls spoons tomato puree
300ml creme fraiche
1kg leaf spinach

jambon a la creme - a delicious ham recipe

This is a superb recipe to use up the end of a ham joint and marvellous for the family over Easter.

Slice up the mushrooms and fry till browned lightly in the garlic and butter. Add some chopped parsley just as you finish the frying.

jambon a la creme - a delicious ham recipe

Slice the ham

Heat the butter and the oil in a pan and fry the slices until browned. Put them to one side.

In the same now empty pan add the onions, brown them, and add the flour.

Pour over the stock and a glass of dry white wine and add the mushrooms
Bring to the boil and simmer and add the creme fraiche and tomato puree, Keep stirring until the sauce is light and creamy.

Salt and pepper to taste, add the leaf spinach and let it wilt in the sauce. Add the ham and pop in the oven for quarter of an hour at 150° this is now ready to serve, preferably with some lovely new potatoes!

jambon a la creme - a delicious ham recipe

Serve with a gorgeous white wine.