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Elderflower cordial taste test

elderflower cordial taste test
Ruby the cat showed a great deal of interest in the taste test as you can see

I am a fairly recent convert to elderflower cordial. I like its subtle and delicious fragrance and evidently quite a few other people do as a variety of brands have appeared in recent times. Fanny was sitting here this morning with a particularly glum face as yet another of her Brazilian masseurs had denied her advances and taken flight.

Bright as a button I said it was time for a taste test. She showed relatively little emotion as she stared listlessly through the French windows at Ruby the cat lying contendedly on the garden table.

I measured out two glasses of the competing brands – Belvoir (pronounced Beaver) and Blossom Cottage. I added identical levels of water to each identical measure and handed them to Fanny and asked which she preferred.

One of therm has a more colourless liquid and is milder, the other having a more pronounced colour and sweetness.

And one won the taste test by a considerable margin.

The winner was Blossom Cottage which was much much preferred for its milder subtlety and refreshing nature. The Belvoir is good but found sweet by comparison. The Belvoir is also more expensive so it’s a win win situation if you choose the one that we preferred here.

Breakdown of prices at the major supermarkets on 18th August 2014


Belvoir Elderfower Cordial £3.15

Blossom Cottage £1.76 until 19/8/14, thereafter £2.20 (Special offer)


Belvoir Elderfower Cordial £3.15

Blossom Cottage £2.00


Belvoir Elderfower Cordial £3.00

Blossom Cottage £2.15