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How to shoot yourself in the foot

You may remember that in my last posting re the soup making that I said we were making soups based with vegetable stocks. This wasn’t a complete lie I can tell you, but as ever the minute you commit yourself to an absolute, you find that someone helpfully points out that you’re talking total rubbish. In this case it was Fanny who politely said something along the lines of “are you completely stupid you witless amnesiac?”. I’ve been paid nicer compliments I can tell you. To put matters right here indeed is one of the many exceptions to my last blog – the mushroom soup made with home made chicken stock which I have to say was absolutely delicious.

fanny and brenda's mushroom soup

20g butter + 30g chicken fat *
700ml of chicken stock
350g sliced mushrooms
1 fat clove of garlic
glass of dry white wine
Sprig of thyme or lemon thyme
Creme fraiche or double cream (volume to your taste)
(* the top of the solidified/jellied chicken stock).

Put the stock on to simmer in a pan
Fry the mushrooms in the butter and fat
Let the mushrooms expel their juices then add the garlic
Once the mushrooms are soft and cooked (but not browned), then add them to the simmering stock
Add the (lemon) thyme and white wine to the pot
Simmer for 20 minutes
When all is thoroughly tender, then blitz in the liquidiser
Pour into a clean pan
Swirl in creme fraiche or double cream to your taste
Add chopped parsley, and serve with some hot buttered sourdough bread/toast

Fanny finds a delicious use for her chicken stock

After a heavy week in my stillies I needed to relax. So what better than to wake up and descend the stairs in my divine floral nightie to find Fanny’s irritated face at the stove. Apparently she’d been there all morning and she was very very stroppy. A face like utter thunder.

“All rather different from the sort of fungus you give people, I think you’ll agree” she said referring to her mushroom soup in a rather sniffy voice.

However she’d seen fit to use the marvellous chicken stock that she’d made from the remnants of a delicious lime chicken dish which we will be showing later on and I have to say that the soup and the wine were a marvellous tonic for a Sunday lunchtime.

delicious white wine for a light summer lunch

summer delicious mushroom soup